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Vittles series on the 400 miles of Oregon Coast

.."Vacation Land best describes Southern Oregon Coast" by The Editor

.."Oregon State Parks offer something for everyone's activities and interests" by The Editor

.."Cannon Beach is a community devoted to arts, crafts, shops and fine dining" by The Editor

.."On the Oregon coast each community offers its own unique variety to see and enjoy" by The Editor

.."At Pacific City our experience was luxurious, serene and scenic"

.."For over a century Seaside has been the State's 'Playland at the Beach'"

.."Astoria is the oldest settlement west of the Mississippi"
By The Editor

.."Our recap of Lewis & Clark ended at Fort Clatsop"

.."Newport's Aquirium has much to offer"
By Joe Hilbers, Editor

.."On Oregon's central coast there is splendor where the Pacific Ocean meets the shore"

.."Our forays into Oregon wines proved exciting and memorable"

.."On Oregon's central coast the scenery adds luster to the wines "

.."On Oregon's central coast our culinary experiences could be called a food and wine safari "

.."Previous stories in Vittles on Wine and Dining"

"San Francisco bar room stories and those early days of journalism"

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