"New name, image and menu are introduced at Daphne's "


The problem was how to inject new life into a chain of 57 California restaurants which already had a fine reputation for serving heathful Meditterean foods. Locations and image were not a part of the problem but just that they were not fulling their true potential.

The problem was solved when Daphne's changed ownership and installed Bill Trefethen as CEO. First Daphne's Greek Cafe became Daphne's Californa Greek. With the new name came a new decor, logo and fresh contemporary styling and ambiance in all the restaurants. This included multiple seating options and wall decorations which now feature California surfing scenes. This ties in with Daphne's using 10 time winning surfing champion Kelly Slater as a spokesman for the chain's healthful cuisine.

Next came the evolved changes to the menu. Four new salad creations were added to Daphne's standard Greek salad. The menu was also changed to add dinner options like a three course full meal.

We recently had the opportunity to experience all these changes at Daphne's Culver City location including a sampling of much of the new cuisine items that have been added to the menu.

A form of Greek pizza is now served as well as an appetizer tray with Hummus and multi-grain pita chips. Shrimp has been added to the menu as well as fire roasted vegetables. The popular fresh carved Gyros are of course still present as well as grillled chicken and steak Kabobs. The salads include Chicken pine nut, chicken spinach apple, California Greek with shrimp and Summer berry.

What we noticed about the food at Daphne's is that it does meet the standards for much touted and highly popular healthy diets. The new management in its changes increased rather than changed the basic Meditterean diet that was the original concept of the chain. All in all we liked what we tasted and the food experience presented at what is now Daphne's California Greek

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