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It is always interesting to follow new trends. The move by so many wine consumers toward sweeter wines is now being satisfied by almost everyone in the industry, grower and winemaker alike. Moscato has been the varietal that is moving this trend at an ever faster pace as more and more vintners get aboard. With the economy still a dubious factor for many people the modest price tags of most Moscato bottlings must also be taken into account in its increasing popularity.

The white Moscato grape lends itself to also producing pleasant sparkling wines a fact that Italians have known about for many generations. The Moscato grape does very well in Sicily and as a table grape has always been exported throughout Europe. We recently tasted two of these Italian wines by Italia Terramia. One a Moscato Frizzante from Sicily the second a Prosecco DOC Spumante Brut from Veneto. The Spumante Brut we served with our Christmas dinner, which everyone enjoyed, especially since one of our guests was visiting from Italy.

On another holiday occasion we served another Italian Prosecco, Bivio Italia Brut, also from Veneto and a DOCG appellation bottling. It was at a Los Angeles tasting last year where we learned just what a big market Prosecco, sparkling wines, now are in the Italian home market. Now they are appearing in the U.S. as well. Our guests certainly approved of the ones listed about and this Writer, the host, liked the modest pricing as well since they ranged from $12 to $16 a bottle.

California winemakers are now producing Moscato wines in ever increasing quantities. As some as sparklers as well. Allure now has a Bubbly Moscato and also a P:ink Moscato. Both these bottlings, handsome with unusual clear labels, show the distinctive Moscato sweet flavors with the fizz that makes all sparkling wines festive. Added attraction is the 10 per cent alcohol making it ideal for outdoor events and tail gate parties.

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