"San Pedro--White Point Nature Center & Preserve restores native flora and fauna"

by the Editor

We came upon the White Point Nature Center & Preserve quite by accident. We were on our way from Palos Verdes to Long Beach and in entering San Pedro saw a sign directing to the center.

We stopped to find out more White Point. We learned that it is a one hundred acre point of land, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, which in the past was a military property. In 2000 the City of Los Angeles took over the property to create a nature area for the education and enjoyment of people of all ages with emphasis on students.

Since 2010 White Point has been restoring the original coastal sage habitat of the area as it was before Cabrillo discovered California.

The White Point Nature Education Center is in a building that was formerly used as part of a missile base. Military evidence is still to be seen on trails that dot the preserve including World War 11 gun emplacements and Cold War missile launch pads.

The Education Center houses some exhibits and explains how human activity has existed in the area for many centuries, first by native Americans, and then by settlers who used it for farming and ranching. All this activity that arrived with the first Spanish explorers changed the habitat and what was growing on the land. Now it is carefully being restored to its original state.

A brochure available at the Center describes in detail the network of trails as well as a map of the entire Preserve. Much of the work in restoration of plant life is being done by volunteers and we noted a busy crew the day of our visit.

Also White Point offers a full schedule of activities including lectures and tours by naturalists as well as workshops the fourth Saturday of each month.

The motto of White Point is to Preserve, Restore, Educate and Enjoy. For more information on how to take part in these activities call 310 561-0917, on the web at www.pvpllc.org . The White Point Center is located at 1600 W. Paseo del Mar in San Pedro and is open daylight hours only.

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