"Beverly Hills-----On the West Side Natalee is a delightful Thai retreat"

By Ronnie Greenberg

Relax in a modern polished retreat savoring a cool and exotic drink, while enjoying the unique and exquisite flavors of Thailand at Natalee Thai.

Get ready to enjoy authentic Thai cuisine created and presented with traditional dishes passed down through the generations, and refined into a delicate and subtle culinary art. Time honored recipes are prepared with only the finest ingredients, making use of pristine fresh seasonal local products whenever possible.

Owner Vic Watana says, "in keeping with Thai tradition, all of Natalee's meals are served 'Family Style,' so that ordering a balance of several dishes from across the entire menu and sharing is the complete Natalee Thai experience." Any questions, be sure to ask the knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Start with your choice of beautifully plated Sate with either chicken breast or thinly sliced steak on a skewer, marinated in a coconut/curry sauce and served with a cucumber salad and a delicate peanut dipping sauce; Rama's Pork Ribs, whole port ribsslow cooked to very tender then grilled and glazed with their house sweet Thai bbq sauce and sprinkled with sesame seeds;

Westside Wontons, fresh wontons stuffed with shrimp and chicken then lightly friend until crisp and golden, and served with sweet sweet and sour Thai dipping sauce; Thailand Shrimp Cake with eggroll wrapped shrimp that are fried until golden brown and served with the house sweet and sour Thai dipping sauce; Natalee Fresh Rolls, a cool and fresh blend of shrimp, lettuce, mint, cilantro and vermicelli noodles rolled into a thin and delicate rice papers, served with sweet chili dipping sauce and crushed peanuts; the Natalee Delight is a generous sampling of chicken or beef Sate, Siam Spring Roll, Thailand Shrimp Cake and Westside Wonton, served with cucumber salad and Thai dipping sauces

In the mood for soup, there is a wonderful selection from: Tom Yum Shrimp (with lots of shrimp) or Tom Yum Chicken (with lots of chicken) along with mushrooms in a lemongrass spicy and sour broth with cilantro; Tom Ka Chicken in a coconut milk lemongrass broth with a thin slice of galanga ginger and cilantro; mouthwatering Wonton Soup has shrimp stuffed with wontons steeped in a homemade chicken broth with baby bok choi and topped with sliced chicken.

The tasty salads that play with flavors include: the Papaya Salad with fresh papaya, shrimp, green bean and cherry tomatoes tossed in the house Thai lime-garlic chili dressing and served with baby romaine lettuce leaves and crushed peanuts; Yum Yai has shrimp and diced chicken placed on a bed of lettuce and mixed greens, and covered with sweet and sour dressing, garnished with peanuts, onion, chopped scallions and hard-boiled egg; Disco Shrimp, grilled shrimp with lemongrass, green and white onions, cilantro and curry paste tossed in the house Thai lime-garlic dressing; Naked Shrimp with six shrimp , boiled and served in individual cups filled with Thai lime-garlic dressing and sprinkled with minced garlic chili and cilantro.

If Wok Noodles is your passion, the famous Pad Thai with shrimp, chicken, eggs, green onions, bean curd, sweet radish and bean sprouts are quickly wok fried in the house Pad Thai sauce, and served with chopped peanuts, fresh bean sprout and chili powder on the side; Lad Na with your choice of chicken, beef or pork are wok fried with Chinese broccoli and topped with a generous helping of house Thai brown sauce; Pad See Ew is cooked in a lighter sauce for a completely different flavor then Lad Na.

The Wok Rice highlights the spicy wok fried Natalee's Rice cooked with fiery hot chilis. garlic, green and bell peppers, onions, and fresh basil; and the sumptuous Pineapple Crab Fried Rice, is fried with rice, onion, egg, carrots, green peas, chopped scallions, tomatoes and fresh pineapple chunks served with cucumber and lime wedge.

There's a tantalizing array of Natalee Signature Entrees from staples that include:, Korean BBQ Beef; Thai Chicken; Beef in Oyster Sauce, Broccoli in Oyster Sauce; Black Mushroom Ginger, Garlic Goodies; Duck Delight; Chicken Terriyaki; Malay Vegetables with your choice of chicken beef or pork, wok fried with fresh bean sprouts, broccoli, carrots, fried tofu, celery , cabbage mushrooms, bell peppers and baby corn. Seafood delights include Siamese Shrimp, Steamed Sea Bass Filets, Ping Fish (filet of sole) & Chili; King of Siam Squid; and Soft Shell Crab topped with spicy yellow curry sauce.

Top it off with the incredible sweet sticky rice (with mango in season); Lychee, direct from the orient; or classic Cheese Cake.

The full bar has a varied menu of martinis, and also presents the Natalee Specialty Cocktails headlined by the Flaming Volcano, a major eruption of tropical flavors; Bankok Cosmopolitan; Blue Hawaiian Sunset; Mojito Martini; and Natalee's Pina Collada. These come in beautiful glasses that can be purchased as a souvenir.

Natalee Thai hours are: 11:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday; 11:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday. Located at the corner of West Olympic Boulevard and South Robertson at 998 South Robertson Blvd. in Beverly Hills. Phone (310) 855-9380 www.nataleethai.com

There is your choice of underground parking, street parking and valet. A second location is in Venice at: 10101 Venice Blvd. Phone (320) 202-7003

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