The Awakening

Both Chris and I enjoy wine and it was the only thing we really had in common. Why he related this story to me I have no idea but he did so over a bottle of wine one afternoon.

It wasn’t until he entered the Navy during World War 11 that he learned that the man married to his mother, and who raised him was not his natural Father.

When he entered the Navy his assignment was such that it required a very complete background check. This revealed the name on his birth certificate did not match the name he was using.

When he asked his Mother about this she revealed for the first time that she had become pregnant by a man she loved very much but who did not want to marry her. However there was a man who loved her and he was willing to accept the child, Chris, as his own which is exactly what he did do.

Chris was now an adult and curious about his natural father. His mother revealed that as far as she knew he lived in the Bay Area. As it happened one time in his Navy career Chris was assigned to Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay, then a Naval facility.

So he set out to track down his natural father and located him. His natural father was some kind of sports promoter. He called him and the voice on the telephone was cold and without emotion. Almost with reluctance he told Chris to drop by his office.

So Chris went to see him one day still in uniform. His Natural Father never got up from his desk when Chris arrived. There was no friendliness in his greeting, no smile.

What was startling was that Chris had such a strong physical resemblance to this man. Chris said that he had finally learned of his true heritage from his Mother and was interested in meeting his Father.

This got no reaction from the man behind the desk. “Well, now that you have met me so what.” “What do you really want?”

Chris, now taken aback and angry, said “I want nothing, I just wanted to see the man who abandoned my Mother.” The curt reply was “Well, now you’ve seen him”.

With that Chris left and never saw the man again. Nor did his natural Father ever try to contact him.

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