"The Attache Case"


Our advertising manager at the publication I worked for had previously been selling advertising for one of the San Francisco daily newspapers. And I have to thank him for this story.

In hopes of boosting sales the paper brought in a new sales manager. And he seeking to ignite some new enthusiasm and drive to his salesmen talked management into buying new leather attache cases for each one emblazed with both the name of the newspaper and the salesman in gold letters.

These were proudly distributed to the salesmen one Monday morning after a particularly intense presentation and oration by the manager.

Now in San Francisco one of the leading theatres and movie houses was the Golden Gate located at Market and Golden Gate avenues and it is still there. At that time they always presented outstanding matinees sometimes with live stage shows featuring one of the big bands or with a first run feature.

That afternoon the newspaper got a call from the theatre manager stating that they had found an attache case under a seat that must belong to one of their employes asking whether they should send it to the paper or wait till the employe picked it up.

Correction--former employe.

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