"Millions of Americans will follow the path of Lewis and Clark during the three year Bicentennial Celebration of the Expedition"


The official opening of a three year bicentennial celebration of the Lewis and Clark Expedition took place recently at Monticello, Virginia.

Conceived and directed by President Thomas Jefferson in 1803 Meriwether Lewis, one time secretary to the President, was ordered to form an expedition to the headwaters of the Missouri, cross the Continental divide and descend on the Columbia River to the Pacific Ocean.

Known at the time as the "Corps of Discovery", Meriwether Lewis was also directed to describe and gather specimens of new flora, fauna, bird and animal life he would encounter on the Expedition. Also to establish friendly relations with the Indian nations he would encounter on his journey, describe their culture and when possible to record their spoken language. In addition to establish the boundaries of the recently made "Louisiana Purchase" that more than doubled the size of the United States, not yet 30 years old.

In the three years of the celebration an estimated 40 million Americans will visit at least some part of the route that Lewis and Clark took on their three year exploration that opened new, unlimited horizons for their young country.

The bicentennial celebration will also acquaint whole new generations of Americans with the remarkable success of the Expedition, the places they went and the Journals they kept to record events day by day.

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