"Los Angeles--King Tut back by popular demand"

by The Editor

Since that day in June 1922 when Howard Carter opened the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhaun and revealed him to the world the fascination of the boy king has never ceased. For the third time King Tut is back once again in Los Angeles, or it least his history, and many of the artifacts discovered in his tomb.

This time "King Tut: Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh" is on display at the California Science Museum located in Exposition Park in Los Angeles.

This is the third time the remains and memory of King Tut have visited Los Angeles. The first was in 1979 when one million people visited the exhibition. Then again in 2006 and now King Tut will enjoy a 10 month visit that will extend until January 9, 2019.

This Writer has now seen all three of these Los Angeles invasions by King Tut. There was much to see on our visit to the Science museum a few days ago.

Besides the many artifacts from the tomb of the boy king that date back to 1555 B.C. there are videos showing how British archaeologist Howard Carter found the tomb and then the care given to what they found there and how the hundreds of items were safely delivered to the Museum in Cairo. This we found most interesting.

The jewelry on display shows the skill of the craftsmen who designed and made them 3335 years ago. One is a gold collar of a hawk with spread wings.

A replica of the tomb as Carter viewed the three rooms is on display and then how this man set the rules for archaeology by having every item carefully photographed and numbered before being moved. In all Carter found 5,000 items in Tut's tomb.

Many of the objects in the current Tut event are being shown outside Egypt for the first time and so labeled. In all some 150 items are on display.

The Dust is the name for ancient Egypt's world of the dead. The creed said that every man dies twice, the first time when his soul left his body, the second time when no one knew his name.

For King Tutankhamun there is no chance of he dying the second time. Each new generation, in many parts of the world, continue to learn of his story and the finding of his remains after three thousand years, and the excitement continues.

The day we visited the King Tut exhibition at California Science Center hundreds of school children of primary school age were in attendance as well.

King Tut: Treasures of the Golden Pharoah can be seen at the California Science Museum, 700 State Drive, Los Angeles daily. For more information call 323 724-3623, web www.californiasciencemuseum.org. This is also called The 100th Anniversary exhibition and Los Angeles is first stop in what is planned as a world wide tour.



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