Santa Monica--Acadie is all about French Crepes

The diversity and variety offered in the greater Los Angeles area continually amazes this Writer. Case to point is our recent visit to Monsieur Thierry Boisson's Acadie, a Santa Monica eatery devoted entirely to serving hand crafted French crepes.

Crepes are generally served as sweet delicacies encased in light fluffy rolled cakes or so we thought. Not so at Monsieur Boisson's cafe. Here one can order crepes served with a variety of hearty fare like ours which arrived with cheese, potatoes and chicken. When we say hearty we mean just that as these are made with buckwheat flour and served square and of large size with the ordered stuffing layered between the pancakes.

After first ordering French Onion soup (well of course), our crepes were indeed a meal leaving us unable to sample others on the blackboard menu, crepes that are prepared as sweet or dessert fare.

The dessert crepes here are prepared with wheat flour and have filling choices such as vanilla ice cream a la mode, cinnamon and cream, coconut, bananas or cream Chantilly to mention just a few.

Acadie is small, tidy and has an open kitchen with both inside and patio seating. Our meal size crepes were entitled the Sonora but there are several others with such fare as ham and eggs, bacon, and one with smoked salmon. The cafe serves no alcohol but a large assortment of other beverages. You order at the counter and then your crepes are served to you at table.

Monsieur Boisson, originally from Montpellier in the south of France, has made a career of producing crepes produced from imported French flour at his neat Santa Monica restaurant.

Acadie is located at 213 Arizona Avenue in Santa Monica. It is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week. For more information call 310 395-1120.

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