Wedded Bliss is a rough road, especially in a Bar

This true story of domestic bliss was related to me by a friend of mine who for a time operated a bar in San Francisco in what in kindly words will be described as a working man's establishment in a commercial area of the City.

This bar served as a gathering place after work for the many people that left the warehouses and factories that surrounded it. On this particular evening a goodly crowd from one of these workplaces arrived in a gala mood and included both men and women, all who knew one another and worked together.

One regular who we will call Harry had his usual place at the bar and it was the custom for his wife to come by after her job for a evening toddy and they would then head home together. Since she worked a bit later she generally had the car.

On this evening one of Harry's co-workers, who we will call Shirley, had quite a bit to drink and was really making moves on Harry who most definitely did not appear disinterested. In a while Harry's wife arrived and took the seat next to her husband as usual. Unfortunately the tete-a-tete between Shirley and Harry continued, unwisely as it turned out, in rather obvious fashion.

As my friend related the story, for he was behind the bar that night, the wife took this all in while consuming several drinks. Finally she stood all that she was going to and giving Harry a good cuff to the head shouted: "If you want that bitch you can have her" With that she got up, left, went to her car and started it.

Harry now realizing that he was in really deep trouble, leaped off his bar stool and ran outside. Seeing him standing on the sidewalk, the Mrs. drove up on the sidewalk and hit him.

Harry rolled off the hood onto the sidewalk as his angry spouse gunned the car, bounced off the curb and drove away. Slowly Harry got to his feet, gathered himself in somewhat shaky fashion, staggered back into the bar and returned to his same bar stool.

His pants were torn some as was one sleeve of his jacket. This the bartender noted with some amazement having witnessed the whole scene. Harry settled at the bar, ordered another drink and said to the bartender rather apologetically "That gal of mine is a real sweetheart but she sure has a temper sometimes."

About 20 minutes later Harry's wife returns to the bar and daintily slides onto the stool next to her rather bedraggled husband.

"Are you all right darling, she says sweetly.

" Sorry about hitting you.

" Buy me a drink? "

Sure Harry says and orders another round from my friend the bartender.

"Honey, the car got banged up some going over the curb."

"Thats o.k. sweetie, Harry says magnanimously." The wife then leans over and gives her husband a big passionate kiss which he readily returns.

This scene of true love and affection so moved my friend the bartender that he did something that almost never happened in his establishment. He bought the lovers a round of drinks.

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