"One parking ticket too many"

We have already reiterated in other of these tales the trials and tribulations of using a speed graphic. Maybe it wasn't the speed graphics but the characters that used them.

On the business publication I worked for I had a lot to do besides using the camera. I was also a reporter, wrote headlines, did layouts and paste up which made for variety and was one of the pluses of the job from my point of view.

I did not have time to do my own darkroom work but had this done by a commercial photographer named Orie. Orie, besides doing my darkroom developing and printing, also had his own accounts and was really a busy man.

At least so it seemed for no one ever saw Orie at less than at least a dog trot. He was always on the go, speed graphic in hand and coat tails flying. His accounts were scattered around the City and sometimes the calls for photos were last minute affairs.

Parking has always been a problem in San Francisco and it was no better then than now. In finding a place to park or lack of same Orie acquired a good many parking tickets which he normally just stuffed in his coat pocket.

We have already explained in other of these stories that the logical place to carry the 4 x 5 inch slide holder for the speed graphic was in the suit coat side pocket.

On one of his hurry up assignments Orie did the usual, reached into his coat pocket for a slide holder, took the photos and was on his way. Unfortunately the darkroom revealed he had no exposures except for a one narrow strip on the edge of the film.

A check of the Speed Graphic revealed that Orie had neatly slid one of his parking tickets into the camera along with the slide holder.

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