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"Lancaster--Here in the Antelope Valley Los Angeles County meets the Mojave Desert by Joe Hilbers

"San Pedro--This port city has diverse and exciting leisure with much to see and do" by Joe Hilbers

"Santa Ana--Our Tri-Motor Ford flight was to experience aviation of an earlier era" by Joe Hilbers

"Antelope Valley--State Parks offer many activities for visitors" by Joe Hilbers

Los Angeles---"American Japanese history is well told at their museum" by Joe Hilbers

"Simi Valley--The Pompeii Exhibition at Reagan Library offers a look back two thousand years" by Joe Hilbers

Los Angeles---"We took a 'bookish view" of Italian wines". by Joe Hilbers

"Northridge--Black Angus still on most successful ride" by Joe Hilbers

"Glendale--Phoenicia Restaurant...Simply Superb" by Ronnie Greenberg

"Hollywood--Once again the Kosher Food and Wine Experience was a big success" by Joe Hilbers

"Pasadena--Brookside Restaurant at the Rose Bowl shows new format with Happy Hour and new menu". by Joe Hilbers

Westwood--"What the Greek Island of Chios offers was a revealaton for this food writer" by Joe Hilbers

San Pedro--"Princess Cruises offers new culinary experiences with Celebrity Chef Curtis Stone" by Joe Hilbers

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2010 marked Joe Hilbers' sixth decade in Journalism

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