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"Mendocino County--The Inn at Newport Ranch captures wonders of coast and forest" by Joe Hilbers, Editor

"Mendocino County--The Inn at Newport Beach was a great base for further explorationl" by Joe Hilbers, Editor

"Monterey--Our stay at Hyatt Regency Hotel showed Peninsula at its best" by Joe Hilbers, Editor

"Long Beach--We were 'picking and jamming' Bluegrass on our Carnival Cruise" by Joe Hilbers, Editor

"Great Phoenix--We could not get enough of the WigWam Arizona Resort" by Joe Hilbers, Editor

"Hollywood--Loveblock is a New Zealand wine to remember" by Joe Hilbers, Editor

"Anderson Valley--Lula Cellars is producing Gold Medal Pinot Noir" by Joe Hilbers, Editor

"Ventura--Ventura County Farm Day combined entertainment with a learning experience" by Joe Hilbers, Editor

"Santa Monica--L'Ami takes one, in ambiance and cuisine, to the French Riviera " by Joe Hilbers

"Sherman Oaks--Caffe Italia delights with Neopolitan and Sicilian cuisine" by Joe Hilbers

"San Mateo--Wine is never far away in the Silicon Valley" by Joe Hilbers

"Beverly Hills--World wide Madeira wines have pleased for five centuries" by Joe Hilbers

"Los Angeles--Sheraton's new Bistro styled Costero offers exciting scene for cocktails and dining" by Joe Hilbers

"Pasadena--The Magnolia Restaurant is a local legend" by Ronnie Greenberg

"Santa Monica--The Red O Restaurant shows best of Mexican cuisine" by Joe Hilbers

"Long Beach-- 4th and Olive Restaurant offers Alsatian cuisine and new staff concepts" by Joe Hilbers

"Santa Catalina--The new museum is a major attraction when visiting Avalon" by Joe Hilbers

"Lomita--The Railroad Museum is perfect for a family adventure" by Joe Hilbers

"Costa Mesa--Mezzet shows exciting Mediterranean Cuisine at South Coast Plaza" by Joe Hilbers

"Culver City--Historic hotel retakes its prominence with complete makeover" by Ronnie Greenberg

"Los Angeles--In downtown L.A. we discovered Mexico's State of Queretaro and a new wine road" by Joe Hilbers

"Yorba Linda--The Richard Nixon Presidential Library has reopened with much that is new" by Joe Hilbers

"Beverly Hills--The 'Simply Italian' wine tour included seminars and tastings" by Joe Hilbers

"San Pedro--Enjoy a waterfront experience with a visit to the Los Angeles Maritime Museum" by The Editor

"Temecula--Success again marks Thornton Winery 28th Annual Champagne Jazz Series" by The Editor

"Oceanside--The Marina view adds to the excellent cuisine and ambiance of Oceanside Broiler" by The Editor

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